About us

Multicoloured, colourful and creative. This is what makes our products special.

With our range, small artists get fully at their costs. We love our products – Passion shapes what we do. Paper and colours – those are the essentials for creative discoverers. And we´re providing plenty of colour. For our children, the world should be colourful and full of joy.

edufirst is our brand for the smallest ones. The pencil sits comfortably in their small hands and drawing becomes a pleasure.

edu³ offers a wide variety of coloured pencils, graphite pencils, wax crayons and suitable gadgets for kindergarten and pre-school age.

edugreen is our latest brand, which takes up the important topic of sustainability in all components of the product. From pencil to package, we only use water-based varnish, biodegradable stamping foil, certified wood and quality and safety standards applicable beyond the legal requirements for the ingredients of the leads. For our packaging we only use recyclable, reusable or innovative sustainable materials.

PRIMO - the brand owned by our partner Morocolor strictly follows this path too. For example, they produce their paints, watercolour tablets, gluten free clay and also modelling clay in Italy with the use of solar energy. Thanks to its multifunctionality the packaging provides environmental benefits.

And another point on sustainability. You can buy our colours singly to refill your sets. Spare parts to our additional product range are also always available.

On top of that, we are striving constantly to reduce the proportion of plastic packaging in our products.

We are a FSC licensed distributor, too. For our PRIME range we use wood only from sustainable forestry.

Dive into our joyful world of colours and let yourselves be inspired!

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