PRIMO stencil alphabet
6 washable stencils as a set alphabet.

PRIMO apron
PRIMO anti-stain plastic apron. One size for chlidren from 3 to 5 years

PRIMO artist brush set flat
PRIMO artist brush set in a blister of 5. Here are 5 different sizes of flat bristle hair brushes put together.

PRIMO bottle-emptier
Primo bottle-emptier for bottles from 300ml to 1000ml.

PRIMO brush assortment in a case
In this range of brushes you will find 192 brushes in a practical plastic case.The set includes 12 types of pony and bristle hair brushes with natural wooden handles in different sizes.

PRIMO brush case set
PRIMO brush case in a set, each with 5 round brushes made of pony hair and 5 flat brushes made of bristle hair in different sizes

PRIMO cup set empty 3 x 75ml
PRIMO set of 3 cups each 75ml, empty, for mixing and filling

PRIMO cup set empty 6 x 25ml
PRIMO set of 6 empty cups with 25ml each, suitable for mixing and filling.

PRIMO cup set empty 7 x 6ml
PRIMO set of 7 empty cups with 6ml each, suitable for mixing and filling.

PRIMO jumbo brush mug
Primo mug with 36 jumbo brushes.

PRIMO kneading accessories - cutting tool
PRIMO kneading accessories in a set, with which you can cut and work with the kneading.  

PRIMO plastic dosage pump
PRIMO plastic dosage pump for bottles with 300ml, 500ml and 1000ml

PRIMO stencils animals
6 washable stencils as a set of animal patterns.